I Can Make launches Strawblox: free 3D printable blocks for open-ended play at home and in the classroom.

Education technology firm I Can Make has launched a new system of 3D printable construction blocks, known as Strawblox, which are freely available to download and print for use at school and at home.

Strawblox are simple, adaptable 3D-printable blocks, designed for teaching and for creative, open-ended play. They are suitable for use by children aged 4 years and up. The Strawblox print files can be downloaded for free from the I Can Make website, and then printed on a 3D printer. Once printed, the blocks can be connected via different lengths of drinking straw to build structures, explore geometry, and to test out principles of maths and engineering, as well as for art and DT projects. ​ “Our overarching mission is to support exciting, playful, hands-on learning, both at school and in the home,” explains Chris Thorpe, I Can Make’s CEO.

“We created Strawblox as we recognised the need for high quality, affordable, construction blocks that allow children to explore shapes and structures in a non-prescriptive way - they can just pick up the printed blocks and some straws and get building.”

By making Strawblox free to download and making the code open source under a Creative Commons license, the blocks can be scaled them up for larger construction projects. People can even create completely new blocks and geometries of their own if they wish.

​”We’re inviting people to share their new creations online and via email by sending photos to, or tagging photos with #strawblox on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook,” said Thorpe.

Further information is available on the I Can Make website at

Some examples of what you can make with Strawblox can be found at

Read about Strawblox design principles here:


I Can Make creates simple, fun, 3D printable kits, for use in school or at home. The company was formed in 2014, to help children and adults learn about 3D printing, and discover the huge potential it has for changing how we make things in the future.

I Can Make has been funded by Bethnal Green Ventures, Wayra, and the Nominet Trust. The I Can Make team includes experienced technologists, publishing experts and designers. We also work with partners and experts around curriculum mapping and training. We care about making design and technology fun and inspiring for all children.

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I Can Make were finalists at Pitch to Rich 2014, where we pitched to Sir Richard Branson and were described as 'ones to watch' and more recently pitched to HRH The Duke of York at St James' Palace as a finalist in Pitch at Palace 2015.