For your desk, for your doll's house, for your mantlepiece


What you need


You'll need 1 snowman head , 1 snowman hat , 1 snowman body , 2 snowman coals , 2 snowman hands and 3 small baubles.


You'll need 4 "4cm long" straws.

Step 1

First of all, slide the hands onto two straws for the arms and fit them into the body. Next up, put the three baubles down the snowman’s front as his buttons.

Step 2

Next put the carrot and two pieces of coal onto the head and put a straw into the base of the head. Now connect the head to the body.

Step 3

Put the hat onto a straw, having clicked the dome support out and made sure the hole is opened out if need be. You could design some decorations for his hat. Make the pins for the decoration 4.8mm in diameter to fit them into the holes on his hat.

Step 4

Finally, if you’re feeling creative why not make him a scarf with paper, or design him a scarf, or maybe even a new hat. Share pictures of your make with us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #strawbloxfrosty